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What do we do?

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It is now common that a drainage strategy is required to support nearly every planning application, when we look at the drainage strategy for you we consider the surface water drainage in accordance with national SUDS guidance, the local authority and the EA.

In todays standards it is important to not only design a drainage system that caters for the discharge rate from the site but we also have to look at treating the water quality and also the amenity and biodiversity of any proposed drainage scheme.

Road Closed and Flood signage in the rural village of Breighton due to flooding caused by


If you are developing a site that is over 1ha in size or is in Flood Zones 2 or 3 then you will require a Flood Risk Assessment, we have experience of hundred of Flood Risk Assessments produced for many different schemes all around the country.

When considering the Flood risk to a site then risks from all different sources will be investigated along with the suggested flood mitigation measures that will be required dependant on the risk associated with the proposed use of the site.

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When considering a land purchase there are many unknowns costs associated with the development most of which reside in the ground, such as the foundation design, size of the drainage attenuation required and whether this will be above or below ground, utilities for the site, both in terms of existing diversions and new connections, the earthworks on the site, any retaining elements such as major retaining walls and what the possible solutions are.

drainage, a drainage system in a Park area, a waterway overgrown with lawn and paved with


As part of the detailed drainage design we are able to undertake full hydrological calculations using the latest Causeway Flow software and provide a full set of construction issue drawings, this includes the design of any SUDS features that could be included in the drainage design.

This can be for both private and adoptable systems, should the system be for adoption then we are able to undertake the full S104 application for sewer adoption or S185 application for sewer diversions, we will take this application from the initial design through to technical approval with the water authority.

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Our highway services include the design of the horizontal and vertical alignments of junctions, roundabout, turning heads, estate and industrial roads, we can provide full construction set of drawings and construction details as well as structural calculations where required.

We utilise the latest CAD software and vehicle swept path analysis software to ensure the design is sufficient for its intended use and its environment, we can also provide Traffic and transportation reports as well as Road Safety Audits.



A very important aspect of any site and one that is often overlooked is the External works plan, this will look at the existing levels and design as closly to those that standards will allow, but quite often this is not the case and sites will have elements of retaining walls, banking and batters.

From this we can use 3D modelling software to calculate the cut and fill of the site and provide volumes for both of these and work out a nett cut or fill, this allows a site to be as balanced as possible but also means that these quantities are allowed for in our clients budgets when pricing up a site.

Surveyor Engineer


We can provide topographical land surveys and offer setting out via a partnership we have with an independent land surveyor.

In additional to this we have partnerships with an independent Geo Environmental Engineer and a Structural Engineer which means we are able to package up all these services into one should you want a single point of contact for your project.

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